About us

Desert Chancia The journey begins in Casablanca, the economical capital of Morocco. Currently, it is expanding in North American borders. Our objective is to reveal all the beauty secrets from the precious resources that lies in this North African country. Its authenticity lies within the eminence and alluring of its pure products that are hand-made with natural substances.Since our products are of high purity with zero unnatural processes employed, it is axiomatic you are receiving superior products. The natural aspect is what makes our products unique. They are designed to assist you in your embellishment endeavors and are highly beneficial for beautification purposes.Although it is not the best initiative, our oils are safe to the extent that they are edible.

taha aziz 2Our products are pure with no chemicals added which make them even more extravagantly elegant. Our wide variety of oils include but are not limited to borage oil, Moroccan argan oil, castor oil, prickly pear oil and grape seed oil. They are mesmerizingly beneficial both for skin and hair. To name a few benefits, castor oil is extremely great for hair growth; prickly pear oil for its enticing anti-aging nourishing effects; grape seed oil for oil control; and argan oil for giving a healthy-giving appearance to your hair.